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Wildlife Corridors

Our cities, suburbs and roads split up areas, causing animals to lose both their natural habitat and their ability to move between regions to use all of the resources they need to survive. This habitat fragmentation is serious threat to biodiversity.  When we create A wildlife corridor we reserve, restore and connect pieces of natural habitat together to mitigate the loss of wildlife due to fragmentation.

Our yards  can participate in this process. We can create our own small wildlife area in our backyard, but if we remove fences and convince our neighbors to participate we can create an even bigger refuge. The best way to become a part of this, is connecting with a local Audubon organization, or with a Land trust. They will be able to tell you what you need to to. What shrubs and trees you should have, and which invasives to remove in order to facilitate local wildlife.

Even a small spot can support wildlife

If you have healthy yard they will come

Use natural plants as dividers

Connect to the habitat of your area