Sign up for the Bedford Pollinator Pathway

Welcome to the Bedford Pollinator Pathway! Please download our brochure > and commit to at least four of the following steps.

  1. Avoid pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers
  2. Plant native trees, shrubs and plants
  3. Limit leaf blower use. Leaf blowers disrupt butterflies and bees that hibernate in the soil or in leaf litter
  4. Forgo fall clean up and leave some areas undisturbed during the winter season
  5. Switch off the lights! Light pollution harms nocturnal insects like moths, and distracts migrating birds
  6. Consider changing (a part) of the lawn into a meadow or creating planting beds
  7. Choose plants that don’t require extra watering
  8. Remove invasive species and replace them with native species
  9. Use living mulch in the form of ground covers and plants
  10. Place a yard sign in a good visual spot and invite people to join the Pollinator Pathways

Copies of the brochure, the ten steps and a yard sign are available for free at the Bedford2030 office

Please click here to sign up for the Bedford Pollinator Pathway.

MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS (NUMBER, STREET AND TOWN) and please let us know the size of your property so we can calculate how much land in Bedford is pledged. (We promise never to use your name in combination with your address.)