About Us

Healthy Yards is an organization committed to help people change from harmful yard practices, which produce greenhouse gases and endanger wildlife, to healthy yard practices, that do exactly the opposite. For many of these practices we depend on the landscaping business. It is our responsibility as homeowners to tell the landscaping business that we use, that we want healthier yards.

Fearing for their livelihood, some landscapers might be reluctant to change. But there is no need for fear, there are plenty of sustainable practices that can be offered as valuable alternatives for any conventional practice.

This website is designed to share those healthier alternatives so that we, collectively, build healthy ecosystems in our back yards that support bees, butterflies, birds and more.

Healthy Yards is organized by a team of professional gardeners, master gardeners and garden “passionates” in Westchester County. We invite you to follow us on Facebook, to sign up for events or to join us locally. You can also start your own ‘Healthy Yards’ organization in your own municipality. How? look under ‘communities’, or contact us. We are happy to help: info@healthyyards.org 

Healthy Yards was created as part of the Bedford 2020 Water and Land Use Task Force. Bedford 2020 is a leading environmental organization located in the Town of Bedford, NY. Community engagement, education and the creation of grassroots support for climate change projects have been the focus of Bedford 2020 since its creation in 2010. For more information visit:  www.bedford2020.org