Why Healthy Yards?

At this moment the natural environment is facing many challenges. We are in the middle of what scientists call the sixth mass extinction. We are experiencing the worst species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs. Even more concerning is, that while we lose species, their voids are filled with more resilient and aggressive species like invasives. Not only is this noticeable in our own back-yard, our yards are part of the cause. In the last 50 years we have lost about 70% of our flying insects, and 30% of our amphibians and birds species are on the endangered list.

Keep organic matter in your yard

Don’t use pesticides

Help roots grow deep

Create humus to amend the soil

‘Healthy Yards’ is committed to help  homeowners change from harmful yard practices, which produce greenhouse gases and endanger wildlife, to healthy yard practices, that do exactly the opposite. For many of these practices we depend on the landscaping business. It is our responsibility, as homeowners, to tell the landscaping business that we want healthier yards. Fearing for their livelihood, some landscapers might be reluctant to change. But there is no need for fear, there are plenty of sustainable practices that can be offered as valuable alternatives for any conventional practice.