Join the First Westchester Pollinator Garden Tour

Sunday September 13th

Let’s show each other how we can support pollinators and promote biodiversity in Westchester. Will you open your garden to help others learn?

We’re talking about everything from tiny postage stamp properties, storefronts or window boxes, to land trust exhibit gardens, municipal gardens and large estates. As long as you avoid the use of chemical pesticides, have at least a few native trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants, and limit the use of gasoline operated leaf blowers, you can participate.

We’re not looking for impeccable yards. In fact, it’s almost better if they aren’t perfect. We want participants to feel welcome, not intimidated. Let’s help each other by what we learned from our mistakes and successes!

Participating is easy

Are you interested? Please fill in the following contact form. And we will get back to you. Sending this form will not commit you to anything. Your email information will not be shared.

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