Pollinator Pathway Activities

Pollinator are terrific advocates for healthier yard practices. There are many ways how you can use concern about our bees and butterflies as a source for change. Everybody can join activities; old and young and big or small groups. Even if you are alone, you can make a difference in you community


Invite a speaker, or gather information yourself, and schedule a date to discuss the topic of pollinators.

Information table

Ask your library, a local nursery or the town hall, if you can put up a display with information about pollinators.

Earth Day Festival

Organize an event or create a little festival with the pollinators as theme. Add music, plant sales, seed swap, information tables and kids crafts.


Invite your neighbors for a plant and seed swap and give a workshop with information how to plant seeds in fall, winter and spring.

Display garden

Locate an area for planting a small pollinator friendly garden display. Add an informative sign about the function of the garden.

School garden

Offer to volunteer at a local school and create a pollinator garden together with the students.

Neighborhood meeting

Invite your neighbors to your home and explain that you like to make your street a pollinator friendly area.

Map-sign up

Obtain a map of your town (available at most town halls) and start coloring the pollinator friendly properties. Encourage your neighbors to change their yards into pollinator friendly properties, and add their properties on the map as well.

Bee City certification

Connect with Xerces and turn your town a Bee City. Visit: www.beecityusa.org

Social Media

Create a local social media platform, like a Facebook group, to update others about local activities and events.