‘Healthy Yards’ Groups

There are many organizations, clubs and groups in this country that meet together to discuss gardening. They can swap plants. visit schools, table, give lectures etc. Some groups even talk with their town board to make new regulation, or talk about the maintenance of public spaces or road sites.

We encourage everyone to join such an organization. It’s fun, and it is important work.

Maybe you are already locally active in a group addressing gardening and sustainability. If that is the case, we would love to have your information, so we can direct ‘your neighbors’ to your organization. Just contact us: info@healthyyards.org

Thank you!


Richmond Hill Richmond Hills – Healthy Yards  website >


Meriden Gardens-Food, Nature n’ Peace  Facebook  Group >


Atlanta Pollinator Friendly Yards   Facebook Group >   leslieinman1@gmail.com


Gardening for the Environment Quad Cities  Facebook Group >

Iowa Good Neighbor  Website >   Facebook Group >


Neighborhood Greening  Website >   Facebook Group >


Grosse Pointe  Pesticide Free in GP  Website >   Facebook Group >

New Hampshire

Dover Non Toxic Dover   Facebook Group >

Jaffrey  Non Toxic Jaffrey   Facebook Group >

Portsmouth Non Toxic Portsmouth  Facebook Group >

New York

Bedford Bedford Healthy Yards Group   Website >     Facebook Group >   filippinedehaan@gmail.com

Croton on  Hudson Croton on Hudson – Healthy Yards Group   owieowl@aol.com

East Hampton The Perfect Earth Project  Website >  info@perfectearthproject.org

New Castle  New Castle – Healthy Yards Group  Facebook Group >  valzapiedi@aol.com

New York City  Non Toxic New York City  Facebook Group >

North Port Mother Oak’s Garden   Facebook Page >   ryesrkvelkoff@yahoo.com

Rye Rye Sustainability – Healthy Yards    Website >   ryesustainability@gmail.com

North Carolina

Toxic Free Carolina  Facebook Group >


Hatfield Healthy Yards Group yougotneal@gmail.com


Nashville Healthy Yards Group i.dawe@yahoo.com


Native Vienna    Facebook Group >


Garden Green    Website >    Facebook Group >   dianeemerson@yahoo.com


Ontario Native Plant Gardening   Facebook Group >

Richmond Hills Healthy Yards Website > naturalenvironment@richmondhill.ca