Find A Healthy Yards Group

There are already several ‘Healthy Yard’ Groups, meeting together, working with town boards, swapping plants, visiting schools, tabling, giving lectures etc. You can look for a ‘Healthy Yards’ group in your neighborhood, or even start one yourself!

Also, a growing number of people and organizations are already promoting healthier practices in many different ways,  supporting pollinators, advocating native plants etc. Maybe you are already locally active in a group addressing sustainability. If that is the case, we would love to have your information, so we can direct ‘your neighbors’ to your organization.

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Richmond Hill Richmond Hills – Healthy Yards  website >


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New Hampshire

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New York

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Croton on  Hudson Croton on Hudson – Healthy Yards Group

East Hampton The Perfect Earth Project  Website >

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North Port Mother Oak’s Garden   Facebook Page >

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North Carolina

Toxic Free Carolina  Facebook Group >


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Native Vienna    Facebook Group >


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