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Go Electric

There are serious health consequences related to gas-fueled landscaping equipment. The two stroke engines used in the landscaping industry are the main reason the industry accounts for more than 10 percent of the air pollution in the USA.

Gasoline engines cause pollution

Leaf blowers are the worst offenders

Asthma rates are soaring

The noise raises our blood pressure

Why not switch from gas to electric powered machines? Electric lawn equipment has greatly improved and causes substantially less pollution and noise. So if you are considering buying engine equipment for your yard, look for an electric alternative, Choose a machine that offers you the amount of power you need, not more. Heavier mowing machines can be faster but they also compact the soil. 

Since leaf blowers are the worst offenders of air pollution, we recommend you to reconsider leaf blower use altogether. Leaf blowers have no use in a healthy yard. If you have a lawn, you can easily switch from blowing to mulch-mowing. There is no need to blow the leaves from garden beds either, as the leaves provide protection and nutrients for the plants.