Mulch Mowing

Leaf blowers are not the best solution if you want to avoid leaf litter smothering your lawn. If you want to avoid pollution and keep a healthy soil, the best way to deal with leaves is mulch-mowing.

Make sure you use mulching blades

Sharpen the blades in fall

Just mow over the leaves

Mulched leaves create good soil

Mulch-mowing is a simple affordable alternative to the use of leaf blowers. Leaf mulching requires more strength from your mower, so not all mowers are suitable for leaf mulching, but most regular mowers will do. When fall arrives, and you no longer need to trim the grass, switch to mulching blades and make sure your mower deck exit chute is closed, so that the leaves stay in the deck for another rotation and they get chopped into smaller pieces. Leaf mulching on lawns has many advantages. Mulched leaves will add nutrients to the soil and create a better soil structure, which improves drainage and encourages deep roots. Sometimes the mulching takes a little longer than regular mowing, and with a thick layer of leaves you might need to mow more often. But the lawn will be healthier and won’t need as much fertilizer or water.