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Seasonal Services

We want to ensure landscapers that healthier yard practices can be offered at the same price as conventional landscaping. We are aware that changing to more sustainable practices is a long term process in which homeowners and landscapers both play their part.
One of the best ways to become more sustainable is to replace mechanical services with manual labor. Manual labor is more time consuming, but with less lawn and more native plantings, it is possible.
For example:
Homeowners that eliminate the conventional turfgrass lawn, can switch from a weekly service of half and hour per week to a monthly service or seasonal service, with the same compensation.
Homeowners that like to keep their turfgrass, can switch to mulching practices, add clover and forgo pesticides and fertilization.
We love to facilitate this change, and we welcome to share your stories, and tell us your experiences.
If you offer sustainable practices, let us know, so we can add your company to our directory and offer your services to homeowners in your area.

Early spring: hand clean debris, add compost, planting, seeding, pruning

Late spring: shear, plant, transplant, remove dead flower heads from bulbs

Early Summer: remove weeds, shear and deadhead to promote flowering

Late summer: remove weeds, harvest, check for drought,

Early fall: remove weeds, collect seeds, harvest, plant shrubs and trees

Late Fall: plant bulbs, add compost and mulch and ariate where needed,

Early Winter: build and repair hardware, cover compost pile

stratify seeds, repair and sharpen equipment, take a break

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