About Us

Healthy Yards USA

Healthy Yards is organized by a team of professional gardeners, master gardeners and garden “passionates” in Westchester County. We are nationally and locally active and work together with different organizations and governmental bodies. Our goal is to inform people about Healthier Yard practices. We think healthier yards are common sense, but if we want our neighbors and towns to reconsider their landscaping practices, we need to go out and communicate. Grassroots organizations can be very effective to create this change. That is why we encourage everyone to start up their own local ‘healthier yard’ organization. Maybe you already have an existing group, or maybe you are wondering how to begin one. We will be happy to help you in any way we can, answer your questions or forward you to someone who can. We would love to hear from your experiences and success as well. You can contact us anytime: info@healthyyards.org 

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Healthy Yards Westchester NY

In Westchester there are several Healthy Yards Groups and organizations that promote healthier landscaping practices and develop more sustainable management of public land and roadsides. Many of these groups work together on the Pollinator Pathways Project. You can receive updates about all the above by sending us an email:  info@healthyyards.org   

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Healthy Yards was created as part of the Bedford 2020 Water and Land Use Task Force. Bedford 2020 is a leading environmental organization located in the Town of Bedford, NY. Community engagement, education and the creation of grassroots support for climate change projects have been the focus of Bedford 2020 since its creation in 2010. For more information visit:  www.bedford2020.org