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Why Natives?

Native plants have developed over thousands of years. They are adapted to the local weather, to the local soil and to the other plants and animals indigenous to the area in which they evolved. Most important, natives provide food and for multiple species of insects, birds, and other native wildlife.

With much of their habitat lost and many native plants replaced with exotics, some wildlife species have become endangered and  their change of survival depends on us. The best way to help is by re-creating natural habitat in our yards and by planting natives. The big advantage of natives is that the require little attention. Natives don’t need watering or fertilizers.

Native plants and flowers

Native shrubs

Native woodland plants

Native desert plants

Native flower meadow

Nurseries, also online, are starting to sell natives, and there are plenty of beautiful species to choose from. Look in the menu under ‘Planting’ for tips on choosing the right plants.