The Hardware

There is a whole industry willing to help you set up a food garden. They offer you everything from simple plant stakes to fancy trellises, from chicken wire to high end fencing. Here is a list is basics you will need for your food garden. You can upgrade according your budget. You can also look online for second hand items or upcycle available materials.

Most common vegetables love nutrient rich, aerated soil

Choose seeds that will thrive in your soil and your climate

Make or buy pots for seeds and seedlings that you like to give a head start

Use markers to help you remember what seeds you have and where you planted them

A good small shovel is a must for every gardener

A watering can or a hose are fine, but a ‘dripping’ system works best

Make sure you have some twine and stakes to support heavy growers

Some sort of protection is often warranted against hungry critters

Soil and Climate