Talk To Your Landscaper

Limited Knowledge

Many of us have help with our yards. Most employees of landscaping companies are hard working, and their work is physically demanding. Generally, however, they have very limited knowledge of horticulture. They are maintenance technicians, rather than landscapers. They are usually unaware that their practices are not only unhealthy for our yards and our environment, but are unhealthy for them as well.

Good owners of landscaping businesses should be concerned about their employees and about health issues. And they will surely want to listen to you as a client.

Fear Not

Landscaping companies can be fearful that, when residents resist leaf blowers, or want to naturalize their yard, they will lose income. But many of the conventional practices have good healthy alternative practices that landscapers can offer their clients and continue to earn the same fees, doing more sustainable yard work.

There is also the unfounded concern about appearance. Most homeowners take pride in their yard, and they want it look good, whether it’s a “healthy yard” or not. Just because you are moving to healthy yard practices does not mean you have to forgo a tidy, manicured look, if that is your preference.

So don’t hesitate to tell your landscaper that you want a healthier yard. If your landscaper is worried, show him this website. We explain simple changes to the services they can offer, and have ample of resources, and they are welcome to contact us with questions.

If your landscaping company, for some reason, doesn’t respond to your request, you can use our directory to find a more suitable landscaper in your area. There are plenty of sustainable landscaping companies that are happy to meet your needs for a healthier yard.

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