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Love leaves

Who doesn’t love leaves?

Mow them in your lawn

Leaves are terrific mulch

It turns into beautiful soil

Wildlife will be happy too

A pupae made from leaves

Who doesn’t love leaves? We all appreciate the beautiful colors in the fall, and the environment welcomes leaves as a protective and nutrient layer for its plants and wildlife. Fallen leaves shelter plant roots from excessive heat and cold, and once they decompose, they keep the soil healthy. So why do we spend millions of hours and millions of gallons of diesel and gasoline to get rid of those leaves, while there is plenty of evidence that leaf blowers are:

  • Extremely polluting: Leaf blowers have a 30 times bigger carbon footprint than a driving passenger car. Leaf blowers account for a significant percentage of the total air pollution in this country
  • Disturb nesting and breeding of birds, harm microorganisms and other wildlife, and are bad for the soil.
  • Stir up pollutants such as mold spores, fecal matter, pesticides, fertilizers etc, and blow particulates in the air that aggravate allergies and asthma.
  • Disturb neighborhood peace and quiet, raise our blood pressure and exacerbate pulmonary issues, such as bronchitis.

Yes,  grasses used for lawns might be smothered by excess leaves, but it’s much better to mow right over the leaves and create mulch than to blow them away. Leaf mulch will settle in to the grass, provide nutrients and reduce the need for fertilizers, weed killers and insecticides. So please, stop using leaf blowers in your yard, and ask your landscaper to do so as well. Inquire if they are familiar with the leaf mulching practice, and if not, please direct them to our website. If you prefer to use a leaf blower for your driveway, terrace or other hardscape elements, please consider using an electric model. Electric leaf blowers are cleaner and quieter. Better still, clear up your paved areas with a broom.