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Why We Need To Reduce Our Lawns

Most of our traditional turf species come from Europe. For reasons not completely clear, we Americans, decided to import those exotic turf grasses, and make them the main component of the American yard. But with a different climate and a different soil, we have to rely on mowers, additional water, fertilizers and pesticides to keep the grasses healthy. Conventional lawns are costing us billions of dollars every year, and they are detrimental to our soil and our surface water. Our lawns have become a serious hazard to our environment. It is time for a change. Here are some thing you can do:

Keep your lawn natural; mow less, water less and mow higher, don’t blow, and allow some flowers and weeds to grow.

Reduce the lawn to a modest surface. Use only what you need for your children to play on, to sit on, or to entertain.

Use more sustainable grass species. More drought resistant grasses and grasses that don’t need to be mowed are available.

There are many great alternatives for the conventional lawn.

Replace with plantings

 Replace with ground covers

Replace with meadow

Replace with a xeriscape

Replace with a rain garden